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Community Vision Statement  |  Victoria, Texas

Victoria is a vibrant growing community, rich in cultural heritage and the fire arts, in which all residents have access to the resources needed to live healthy, productive lives and contribute to a rewarding community life.

Children and teens have a safe and nurturing environment and are encouraged to develop their potential through

  • Excellent education
  • Opportunities to explore and participate in the arts
  • Awareness of a rich cultural heritage
  • Leadership training and opportunities
  • Guidance and preparation for higher education and the workforce

Adults experience and contribute to the quality of life through

  • Working in jobs that match their abilities and provide a living for their families
  • Participating in community life
  • Awareness of opportunities and services available in the community
  • Providing broad based leadership that represents the diversity of the community
  • Engaging in lifelong learning

Senior Adults are valued and active in community life through

  • Mentoring and guiding the next generation, including a forum to present their stories, experiences and wisdom
  • Access to transportation and dignified health care

Families flourish through

  • Opportunities for quality family time in a safe and supportive community environment
  • Faith-based social interaction
  • Occasions to explore and participate in the arts
  • Affordable and reliable childcare for working moms and dads
  • Access to resources that enrich their ethnic and cultural heritage


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