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Meeting Rooms

The Bronte meeting room and computer lab may be reserved for use by groups engaged in educational or cultural activities.
The following information describes the steps needed to reserve the Meeting Room at VPL.

For assistance with reservations please call the administrative office at 361.485.3304


General Guidelines:

The Bronte meeting room and computer lab in the Victoria Public Library are available free to all non-profit groups engaged in educational or cultural activities.

All activities held in these rooms must be free and open to the public.
No admission fee or donation may be required or solicited from those attending meetings in the library.  The sale of an author's books during a booksigning event is allowed.  Library sponsored events for the purpose of raising funds for the Library are allowed.
Library sponsored programs and training receive first priority and city or library needs may preempt any scheduled event.  If changes or cancellations are necessary, the library will provide as much notice as possible.
Meetings will not be scheduled before or after library hours.  No member of the organization may enter the library before it officially opens, and all participants must leave by the time the library closes.  Groups needing setup time for their meeting should allow for it in their reservation.
Meeting rooms are not available for private parties such as birthday parties, showers or family reunions.
Use of the meeting rooms do not constitute endorsement by the Library or City of Victoria the points of view expressed by the group.
Room Regulations:
The organization reserving the room is responsible for the Bronte Room arrangement and returning the room to its original arrangement.
The individual or the group as a whole who make the reservation will be responsible for any damage to the rooms, carpet, equipment or furniture.
Organizations or groups wanting to use Library equipment in the meeting rooms must request permission for its use when applying for the room.  A list of available equipment is included with the meeting room reservation form.  Library staff may not be available for assistance with equipment the day of the meeting.
Refreshments may be served in the Bronte Room, but must be catered or brought in by the group as well as all supplies and service pieces.
The computer lab furniture cannot be rearranged.  No software may be loaded on the hard drives of the computers.  No magnets are allowed in the computer lab.  No refreshments are allowed in the computer lab.
Meeting of individuals under the age of 18 years must have an adult sponsor present.
Smoking is not permitted in the library.  Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on library property.
Requests for the use of the Bronte room or computer lab must be made in person or by fax/email by completing a Meeting Room Reservation Form.  This form must be submitted to the Library Administrative Office one week in advance of the date requested and receive approval of the Library Director.
Advanced reservations may be made, but not earlier than 12 months prior to the event and only in the current calendar year.
Reservations by the same group may not be made more than six times in a calendar year.  Library related events are exempt from this restriction.
The calendar opens on December 1 for scheduling in the next calendar year.
The Library Director and/or librarian in charge is responsible for the implementation and enforcement of this policy.
Confirm meeting room availability and make a reservation:
Contact the administrative office at 485.3304 to check reservation availability.
Fill out the Meeting Room Reservation Form and return it to the administrative office at least one week prior to event.
The administrative office will contact you to confirm the meeting room reservation.


  Room Size

  Maximum Capacity

150 Standing

45 Seated

  Hours Available   Library Hours
  Equipment Available

Surround Sound System

Standard Microphone

Cordless Microphone

Presentation Podium

Integrated laptop, CD, VHS, DVD, projector.

  Tables & Chairs

45 Chairs

12 Tables (rectangular)


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