Donating Items

Gently Used Items Welcome 

Victoria Public Library welcomes your gently used books, audiobooks, movies, music, and magazines. Donated items will be added to the Library’s collection or sold at Friends of the Library book sale to help enhance our programs and services.


We will accept:

  • Hardcover or paperback books in good condition
  • Clean items with evidence of gentle use
  • Commercially published media (e.g., CDs, DVDs, audiobooks, video games)
  • Current editions of magazines

Limited Acceptance
We will accept certain materials within specified limits:

  • Consumer guides and almanacs (current only)
  • Medical and financial advice books (less than 5 years old)
  • Travel guidebooks (less than 5 years old)
  • Computer manuals (less than 5 years old)
  • Textbooks (less than 10 years old)
  • Test preparation guides (less than 5 years old)

Not Accepting

We cannot accept:

  • Items with visible signs of damage; examples include:
    • Soiled
    • Broken bindings
    • Missing pages
    • Excessive writing
    • Yellowing
    • Smoke or water damage
    • Infested with insects
  • Outdated materials (review ’Limited Acceptance’ list)
  • VHS or Cassette tapes
  • Non-commercially published media
  • Toys, games, puzzles or artwork
  • Periodicals or magazines (bound or unbound) older than 2 years
  • Professional or academic journals
  • Encyclopedias
  • Workbooks or study guides that have been filled (in part or whole)
  • Computer software
  • Boxes donated directly from long term storage; we cannot accept items that have not been carefully inspected by the donor
  • Large quantities of items not in boxes or containers; due to logistical constraints, we cannot accept loose material