Crash Reports

Crashes Investigated by the Victoria Police Department

Police Reports at LexisNexis for information on motor vehicle crashes that have been investigated by the Victoria Police Department (VPD). The crash reports may be purchased online for $8.50 at Police Reports at LexisNexis or for $6 if purchased in person at the VPD Records Section which is in the City Hall Building at 105 W Juan Linn Street in downtown Victoria.

Crash Report Code Sheet

The Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) uses various forms to report motor vehicle crashes. Much of the information on these forms is translated into codes.

Crashes Not Investigated by VPD

If you were involved in an accident, including a private property accident that was not investigated by an officer, you will need to download and complete a Texas Driver’s Crash Report (CR-2). This is a TXDOT form; however, it is for your records and not sent to TXDOT. The instructions are on the form.

More Information

The VPD has implemented a new policy regarding how motor vehicle crashes are handled. Beginning in April of 2013, VPD officers no longer respond to a motor vehicle crash where there are no injuries and where the vehicles involved are able to be driven away from the scene (minor crashes). Officers will still respond if there is a criminal act involved such as a hit and run or an intoxicated driver.

This change was needed in an effort to be more effective and efficient with the resources of our department. This will allow officers to respond to higher priority calls.

TXDOT CR-2 Form Requirements

The parties involved in a crash that is not investigated by law enforcement are responsible for completing the TXDOT CR-2 form for their own records. There are specific instructions on the form explaining the process.

The following information should be obtained in order to complete the TXDOT CR-2 form:

  • Block Number and Street / Intersecting Street and Block Number. Speed Limit.
  • Other Vehicle Information (Section heading on the CR-2 form)
    • Make, model and year of vehicle
    • License plate number and state
    • VIN Number-on driver’s side of dashboard, look through windshield from outside looking in
  • Other Driver Information (Section heading on the CR-2 form)
    • Name, address, phone number, driver’s license number and state
  • Insurance Information
    • Insurance company name and address (not agent name)
    • Policy number
    • Claim phone number and/or agent phone number