How do I obtain a Criminal History or Background Check of myself?

Often times individuals will request a "Clearance Letter" on themselves for business, work, travel, etc. The Victoria Police Department (VPD) Records Section only provides the information found in the VPD records management system.

An individual can only request a background check for themselves and in person. They have to fill out a form, provide a valid Texas Drivers License or ID and must have lived in Victoria for the past 4 months or have been a resident of Victoria at one time. The cost is $7.50. The background check will only cover the City of Victoria and does not include Victoria County or the State of Texas. The only charges that go on the background are arrests that resulted with a conviction.

Records Section Contact Information

VPD Records Section is located in the City Hall building at:
105 W Juan Linn Street
Victoria, TX 77901

The telephone Number for VPD Records is 361-485-3700.

Texas Department of Public Safety Criminal History Searches

Arrests, prosecutions and the disposition of the case for persons arrested for Class B misdemeanor or greater violation of Texas criminal statutes are available for purchase by clicking here on the Texas Department of Public Safety Website.

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