Amnesty Program

Alternative Options-Financial Hardship/Indigent

The Judge shall inquire if you have sufficient resources to pay all or part of the fine and costs and, if the Judge determines that you do not, the Judge shall determine that fine and costs should be:

  • Paid on time payment plan
  • Discharged by community service
  • Waived in full or part
  • Any combination of all methods

The Court will hear sworn testimony and look at your documentation concerning your financial situation to help you resolve this matter.

Community Service

Community service options have been expanded by the Texas Legislature to include:

  • Attending work and job skills training
  • A preparatory class for high school equivalency exam
  • Service at an educational institution 

Should you have any questions regarding these options, please contact the Court.

  1. Amnesty Court
  2. Judge's Financial Findings
  3. Warrant Information

The City of Victoria Municipal Court has an Open Court program available for citizens who need to resolve outstanding warrants or past due citations.  On Open Court dates, citizens do not have to be scheduled to come to court but may come in and speak to the judge about any changes in their situation or any arising issues regarding citations or citation agreements. The judge will re-consider any warrant(s) and revisit each financial situation. Citizens may be approved for a second chance opportunity to dispose of fines and fees.

Open E-Court Meeting Information

No appointment is necessary, simply join the E-Court Zoom and type in the Meeting ID Number.

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