Bicycle Patrol

Bike Patrol Officers with BikesBicycle Patrol began for the Victoria Police Department in 1996. To initially start up the unit, the department used a federal grant to fund the necessary equipment. Five of those bicycles were purchased through a generous corporate donation and with the use of asset seizure funds.

Managing the Bicycles

Patrol Officers assigned to the bicycle unit carry their bicycles on a rack mounted on the trunk of the patrol vehicles. This arrangement allows the officers to deploy the bicycle at any time in an area that it is needed. In addition to normal patrol work the bicycles are also used in safety programs, parades and in any area which patrol units have trouble getting into and out of.


Prior to being assigned to this unit, all officers attend a police mountain bike school, where they are trained in many different aspects of bicycle riding and patrol work.


In previous years, the Bike Patrol officers wore white polo style shirts. Today these officers wear a bright blue and black polo style shirt with black bike pants or shorts.