Alternative Means to Discharge Fines & Court Costs

Alternative Options-Financial Hardship/Indigent

The Judge shall inquire if you have sufficient resources to pay all or part of the fine and costs and, if the Judge determines that you do not, the Judge shall determine that fine and costs should be:

  • Paid on time payment plan
  • Discharged by community service
  • Waived in full or part
  • Any combination of all methods

The Court will hear sworn testimony and look at your documentation concerning your financial situation to help you resolve this matter.


You may appear in person, submit your Request for a Hearing electronically, or print out the financial affidavit (PDF) and mail to the court at P.O. Box 1758 Victoria. Texas 77902. Submitting false information to the Court constitutes the crime of tampering with a governmental record, punishable by incarceration and/or imposition of a fine (Section 37.10 P.C.). 

Supporting Documentation Required

Supporting documentation is based on the financial affidavit you completed and must be brought with you to your hearing (copies will remain in your case file). No exceptions. Failure to bring all documentation to your hearing shall result in your hearing being denied. You are expected to be prepared. 

Examples: Federal income tax return, statement of wages (pay stubs), all financial assistance (food stamps, WIC, medicaid).


If you are not indigent or found to have sufficient resources to pay you are expected to make full payment as determined by the Judge.

Helpful Resources

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact the Municipal Court at 361-485-3050.  You may also view additional information on the court’s Amnesty program by viewing the information here.

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