Library Policies

All Library policies require Library Advisory Board approval.

  1. Patron Behavior Policy
  2. Child Safety Policy
  3. CIPA Internet Safety Policy
  4. Circulation Policy
  5. Collection Development Policy
  6. Exhibit Policy
  7. Gift Policy
  8. Information Services Policy
  9. Interlibrary Loan Policy
  10. Maker Equipment Policy
  11. Public Computers & Internet Policy
  12. Meeting Room Policy
  13. Confidentiality Policy
  14. Volunteer Policy
  15. Volunteer Application
  16. Request and Re-Evaluation of Library Materials

Patron Behavior Policy

The Victoria Public Library offers an open and welcome environment for citizens of all ages in the provision of library services and materials. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all patrons of the Library have fair and equal access to and use of the Library facility and materials. Rules of conduct are designed to facilitate the library’s mission and to ensure an environment conducive to proper use of the library.

The following rules will be enforced in a neutral and nondiscriminatory manner. Library staff will remind patrons of the rules when necessary. The Library reserves the right to expel individuals not abiding by the rules. In extreme cases, the Library Director may bar individuals from the Library for longer periods of time.

• Library patrons and library staff shall be treated with respect and courtesy. Harassment or threatening behavior such as stalking, offensive touching, obscene or indecent acts is not allowed in the Library or on Library property. This includes the use of profane, obscene, threatening or injurious language or gestures directed at another person.

• Snack foods and covered beverages are allowed in the library. Meals or messy, noisy or strong-smelling foods are not permitted. Unattended food and/or beverages are subject to being disposed by staff. Upon approval, food and drink is allowed in the Bronte Room. Consumption of alcoholic beverages is not allowed in the Library or on Library property, except when approved by the library in conjunction with an event organized by the library.

• Use of tobacco products is not allowed in the Library or within 12 feet of any Library entrance as per city ordinance 10-30. This rule applies to smoking, vaping or otherwise using e-cigarettes, and smokeless tobacco products such as chewing tobacco and snuff.

• Library patrons can assist the Library in the provision of quality service by refraining from loud and boisterous conduct. Parents are responsible for the behavior and noise of their children and may be asked to take disruptive children out of the Library.

• The use of electronic devices, radios, televisions, etc., which produce audible sound is not allowed in the Library. For this reason the Library asks patrons to turn off or mute cell phones while in the Library.

• Soliciting, panhandling, and selling are not allowed in the Library or on Library property. The Library Advisory Board may make exceptions to this policy for programs that benefit the Library in providing materials and services.

• The Library strives to provide a clean, comfortable and inviting environment for Library patrons. The abuse, vandalism

or theft of Library property, vandalism of the exterior of the Library, and vandalism of vehicles in the Library parking lots will not

be tolerated, and the Victoria Police Department will be notified.

• Only service animals assisting people with disabilities will be allowed in the Library.

• The Library is concerned about the safety of both patrons and Library staff. Behaviors and actions that endanger the public and staff are not allowed in the Library, or on the Library premises. These include but are not limited to: the use of skateboards and roller skates; running, climbing on the shelving; fighting or acts of violence; or any other actions that endanger patrons and staff.

• Footwear and clothing covering top and bottom are required for all patrons.

Any exception to the above stated policy will be made only with the written permission of the Library Advisory Board.

Library Advisory Board Approved 06-2021

Future Revisions 06-2024