Storm Drainage Master Plan


The updated storm drainage master plan will establish a guide to identify and address drainage issues in Victoria, including evaluation of infrastructure, and update the Drainage Criteria Manual to reflect current data and best practices. 

The Storm Drainage Plan:

  • Will provide recommendations for drainage & stormwater improvements that will facilitate the City’s growth capacity  
  • Enhance the City's infrastructure
  • Evaluate and provide solutions to existing undersized drainage facilities
  • Evaluate and provide recommendations to improve outfalls, storm sewer, and open ditches

The updated storm drainage master plan was approved by the City Council on Dec. 7, 2021. Read the plan

To provide feedback about Victoria's drainage, contact Public Works.


CivilTech Engineering & Urban Engineering

Steering Committee

Randy Janek, John Johnston, Ray Bridges, Jake Helfer, Jill Trevino, Steve Klein, Ron Park, Dan Caballero, Steve Roth, Brian Ferguson, Nancy Garner

Contact Information

If you have questions, or would like to receive information about future events or activities, please contact Public Works at (361) 485-3381.


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