It is the policy of the City of Victoria to provide sufficient compensation for its employees in order for the City to attract, retain, and motivate qualified individuals for all positions. The City’s Pay Plan is fair and equitable in rewarding employees for outstanding work performance that contributes to the overall success and effectiveness of services provided for the citizens and businesses of Victoria.

Classification Plan

All City positions are allocated to pay grades in accordance with the duties and responsibilities of the position. The pay grades and job descriptions constitute the City’s classification plan.

Management has the right to change job classifications to facilitate better service to the public and greater efficiency in the City. Employees are hired on the assumption that each employee will perform other work-related duties as required that may not be specifically spelled out in their job description.

Pay Periods

The City divides the year into twenty-six pay periods. Payday is the second Friday following the end of a two-week pay period. Each paycheck includes payment for all hours worked during the pay period or hours covered by some form of paid leave. The City strongly encourages Direct Deposit but will mail paychecks via USPS if Direct Deposit is not available.

Performance Evaluations

It is the policy of the City to ensure that the quantity and quality of work performed by employees meets the needs of the City. The Department Head shall require the evaluation of the work performance of each full-time and part-time employee at least once per year. New hires, promoted, demoted or transferred employees shall be evaluated prior to completing the probation period in their new position. No merit increase will be awarded with six-month evaluations.